Spring is coming, the potatoes and onion sets have arrived.

The potatoes and onion sets arrived this morning, so its time to start thinking about the first planting of the year. 

This year we have First Earlies Pentland Javelin, Arran Pilot, Foremost, Rocket and Sharpes Express.   We have Second Earlies Nicola, Wilja, Kestrel, Maris Piper and Charlotte.  We have Main Crop Desiree, King Edward, Maris Piper, Cara and Pentland Crown.  All are packed in 1kg bags and are £1.99.  They are fabulous quality and full of life, ready to go as soon as its warm enough.

In the onions we have Sturon, Stuttgard and Red Baron, all £1.95 for 500g sold loose.  Shallots are Golder Gourmet and Red Sun, both £2.90 for 500g sold loose.. 

They are selling fast, so don't be disappointed.  Pop in and see us soon.

potatoes and onions PICT3175 (2).jpg