wallpaper - special offer, reduced to just £7.50 a roll

All our “in stock” wallpapers are reduced form £10.99 a roll to just £7.50 a roll.  We have white brick, rustic brick, country stone and white washed wood to choose from.  We also have a great selection of wallpaper books for you to choose from.  You are welcome to borrow the books, and see how it looks at home.  Huge selection of the most stylish wallpapers to choose from.  So pop in and see what we have to offer!

Celebrating 120 years of serving Radstock!

This year we are celebrating 120 years of serving Radstock.  We are a traditional hardware shop, and what we do hasn't really changed very much since the shop first opened in 1898, selling housewares and  ironmongery.  Mr Orchard was the owner at that time.  The shop was later transferred to Mr Tiley, who ran it for many years.  He had a fleet of delivery vehicles, taking housewares and paraffin to the people of Radstock.  In 1973 Mr Thomson took over.  He is now well into his 90's, but the business is run by daughter, Jo Milling with the help of Steve, Evan Paula, Adam, and Mr Thomson's grandson Alistair.


There are a lot of wasps about this year.  Try this wasp control system.  It attracts them away from the areas of your garden where they are a nuisance, and traps them.  It really works and is just £7.80.  Reclaim your patio!!

New paint and wallpaper showroom.

We have just opened our new paint and wallpaper showroom, with Farrow and Ball and Berger paints and a fabulous selection of wallpapers to suit all budgets.  Pop in and choose in comfort, either from the shelf or from our selection of books.  You are welcome to take books home to help you match, although we do ask for an address id.  We can advise on the best way to tackle the job, so you really can get a designer look you can DIY.

See our new English Tableware collection. it's super stylish and a great price. Mugs are £3.89, 12 piece dinner set is £39.99, the bunny butter dish is just £9.99.

Mix and match across the range to for an up to the minute look for your table.  The Artisan range from the English Tableware Company combines hand made quality with  fantastic prices.  The range includes dinner sets, a teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl and a choice of styles of mugs.  There is also a large serving platter, large serving bowl and tall jug.  Come in and see for yourself.


Easter will soon be here, despite the winter weather.  We have some lovely decorations and Easter gifts.  We have springtime sheep, fluffy chicks, extravagant eggs and the cutest Easter bunnies.  Prices start at only 59p, so pop in and see what we have in store.


We are currently open for snow shovels, salt and other supplies to help you get through the weather.  We have camping gas, camping stoves, torches, batteries and lanterns in case you loose electricity - we've already lost power for an hour this morning.  Please check later in the day, as we may close if the weather worsens, so that staff can make it safely home.  It pays to be prepared, especially now we have a red warning in place for snow!

Extra heat to help get you through the cold snap

With snow forecast  and icy temperatures day and night, you might need a little extra heat in the house.  We have a great range of heaters available to buy today.  Prices are Daewoo 800w halogen, £9.99, Daewoo 2kw fan heater £11.99, Daewoo 2kw fan heater £12.99, Glen flat fan heater £24.99, 2kw convector £19.99, 1600w halogen £19.99, 1200w halogen £16.99, Daewoo 1500w oil filled radiator £34.99 and Glen 2000w oil filled radiator £59.99.  Don't miss out - they're selling fast!

Not all ironmongery is the same - ours is great quality and prices start at just 2p!

We have a huge range of ironmongery to choose from, and many items are sold loose.  That means you can buy just what you need and nothing is wasted (or lost in the dark corners of the shed next time you look for it).  Prices are very competitive and start from just 2p.  Where else can you buy just what you need for 2p!!  All our ironmongery is good quality.  Not all ironmongery is the same - in some places you can buy items that look the same, but just try using them!   They bend.  You need good quality fixings if your going to do a job properly!

Spring is coming, the potatoes and onion sets have arrived.

The potatoes and onion sets arrived this morning, so its time to start thinking about the first planting of the year. 

This year we have First Earlies Pentland Javelin, Arran Pilot, Foremost, Rocket and Sharpes Express.   We have Second Earlies Nicola, Wilja, Kestrel, Maris Piper and Charlotte.  We have Main Crop Desiree, King Edward, Maris Piper, Cara and Pentland Crown.  All are packed in 1kg bags and are £1.99.  They are fabulous quality and full of life, ready to go as soon as its warm enough.

In the onions we have Sturon, Stuttgard and Red Baron, all £1.95 for 500g sold loose.  Shallots are Golder Gourmet and Red Sun, both £2.90 for 500g sold loose.. 

They are selling fast, so don't be disappointed.  Pop in and see us soon.

potatoes and onions PICT3175 (2).jpg

Waterproofing paints and sealants.

Rain, rain and more rain! Weather like this is sure to show up any little leaks in conservatories and out buildings. We have lots of waterproofing paints, bitumen paints and sealants to choose from, and we're always happy to advise on the best way to tackle a problem. Pop in and see how we can help. The forecast is for sun soon (honest!).

waterproofing paints 2 PICT4688 (2).jpg